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Film Classes Coming up in New York

Guerilla Filmmaking

at DCTV - TriBeCa
87 Lafayette St, New York, New York 10013

Guerilla filmmaking is DIY filmmaking with low budgets, solo or skeleton crews, and simple props using whatever is available. Whether working as a video activist or neo-realist auteur, learn to manage camera, lighting and audio equipment simultaneously and skillfully for shooting on the fly. Explore tactical, practical and legal considerations for...


3 sessions

Wednesday Mar 15th, 6:30pm

Other dates (2)

Production Week

at DCTV - TriBeCa
87 Lafayette St, New York, New York 10013

Designed for those seeking an extensive introduction to the world of digital production, this hands-on workshop includes content from our Camera, Lighting and Audio Fundamentals Workshops and goes one step further by building out a pre-production session and a full-day shoot. Capture Manhattan 24 frames per second! Class Topics: Film vs. Digital...


5 sessions

Monday Mar 13th, 6:30pm


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Shooting at Risk

at DCTV - TriBeCa
87 Lafayette St, New York, New York 10013

Ensure your production team’s safety and learn best practices to anticipate and respond to emerging security, medical and crisis needs. Filmmaker Response to Risks and Emergencies is a hybrid risk reduction and medical first response course that will prepare students to evaluate perils using practical tools and techniques. Students will...


2 sessions

Saturday Feb 25th, 11am


Filmmaking for Actors

at The Barrow Group Acting School - Hell's Kitchen
312 W 36th St 3rd Fl, New York, New York 10018

A 12 week course for any actor who has ever had an idea, an iPhone, and wants to learn how to create their own film. In this crash course, actors will create their own content by learning how to write, act, direct, and produce their own work. Students will learn the basics of screenwriting, setting up shots, sound, lighting, directing, and editing...


11 sessions

Tuesday Apr 4th, 6:30pm

Other dates (2)

Cinema in Black

at Pioneer Works - Red Hook
159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, New York 11231

What does Black cinema look like? Cinema in Black explores representations of Blackness on screen and in text through films and related writing. The material will emphasize unconventional and alternative forms, such as Vines and music videos.  Guest filmmakers, programmers, and critics will share their experiences. This class aims to be an opportunity...


8 sessions

Saturday Mar 4th, 3pm


Level Four: Senior Project - The Movie

at Magnet Training Center - Flatiron
22 W 32nd St 10th Fl, New York, New York 10001

Ever watch a big budget film and think, "I could make a better movie than this?" In The Movie, you will have the opportunity to do just that. In this class, we'll explore genre and storytelling and use special effects, camera movement, and acting techniques to create an improvised cinematic experience for an audience.


8 sessions

Tuesday Feb 28th, 7pm


Fashion in Film and Media

at Fashion Institute of Technology - Chelsea
227 W 27th St, New York, New York 10001

View clips of films that have impacted style of dress in recent decades. This energetic and captivating program examines movie star characters that have influenced mainstream fashion through iconic looks. See how memorable characters from the screen have created everlasting design language that serves as a reference for designers of all types: costume,...


4 sessions

Thursday Mar 9th, 6:30pm


Documenting LGBTQ Life

at Museum of the City of New York - Public - East Harlem
1220 Fifth Ave At 103rd St, New York, New York 10029

Directors Rodney Evans, Michelle Memran, and Conrad Ventur discuss how film as a creative medium can document, preserve, and represent LGBTQ history and biography. The program will include clips from the directors' most recent films, each of which focus on queer artists, from drag performer and Warhol superstar Mario Montez and playwright Maria Irene...

Tuesday Mar 7th, 6:30pm


The Essentials of Creating 360 Virtual Reality Videos

at N.Y.I.M. Training - Union Square
One Union Square West Ste 805, New York, New York 10003

This class is a practical workshop designed to give someone the efficient start to finish processes of filming in 360 Virtual Reality. You’ll learn about the differences and difficulties of filming in 360 and ways to overcome them. When you are finished you will have multiple 360 videos finished and uploaded to popular 360 VR websites. You’ll learn...


2 sessions

Monday Feb 27th, 10am

Other dates (4)

Directing Techniques for Film

at Imeldaoreilly - Chelsea
134 W 29th St 2nd Fl, New York, New York 10001

This workshop is ideal for actors, writers or corporate people who want to get creative. Material covered will include how to develop a point of view, learning the visual language of cinema and the technical tools and craft it takes to direct a film. We will look at film clips and analyze material in addition to covering 180 degree rule and elements...


5 sessions

Monday Mar 6th, 6:30pm

Other dates (5)

Mobile Filmmaking

at DCTV - TriBeCa
87 Lafayette St, New York, New York 10013

From video diaries to feature films, your smartphone can be used to make your film. To complement the advantageous lightness and mobility of shooting with using your phone, explore techniques, strategies, and tools, including additional accessories and apps that liberate your production by keeping costs low and your shoots inventive. Topics include:...


2 sessions

Wednesday Apr 12th, 6:30pm


Three Week on Camera Intensive

at Kimberly Graham - Upper West Side
330 W 89th St, New York, New York 10024

This Three Week series explores the prepared scene, cold read and improv audition scenarios.  The first week is a prepared scene the actors are assigned a few days before class. The second week is a cold read which the actor has minutes to prepare. The third week is improvised solo and paired interviews in both dramatic and comedic form. Students...


3 sessions

Tuesday Mar 14th, 7pm


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Color Managed Workflow for Film and TV Productions

at AbelCine Training - West Village
609 Greenwich St 5th Fl, New York, New York 10014

The Color Managed Workflow for Film and TV Productions workshop is designed to look at the process of color management in modern digital film production, from the capturing of motion pictures as digital images to the final delivery of digital master files. While in the traditional, linear production process, color grading...


3 sessions

Monday Feb 27th, 10am

Other dates (2)

Digital Cinematography

at DCTV - TriBeCa
87 Lafayette St, New York, New York 10013

Digital Cinematography explores the art and technicality of filmmaking through in-depth lighting and camera training. Learn advanced manual image control using the Sony NEX-FS700 and explore its super slo-mo capabilities.  Learn shot types and decide which composition works best for the style and genre you wish to shoot, while working with both...


2 sessions

Saturday Apr 22nd, 11am


Crash Course: Developing Film

at BKC Brooklyn Central - Gowanus
119 8th Street, Suite #212, Brooklyn, New York 11215

There's nothing quite like good black-and-white film for smooth continuous tone and unmistakable vibe. Whether you're a recent acquaintance or long-time lover of analog, you'll probably want to learn the fascinating physical process of developing your own black-and-white film.  Through careful selection and manipulation of chemistry, you can...

Tuesday Mar 14th, 6:30pm

Other dates (2)